Welcome to Catawba Mama!

I started this site to have a place to share some ideas, activities, thoughts and snark. I am a single mother of Pie-Pie, a very funny, talented, snark in training 11 year old and Botty, a forever vivacious, smart ass a whip 6 year old that started school this year. From time to time we get creative and bake, cook, and craft. I will share some of those times with you…even our pinterest fails and there are more fails then wins! It is the journey not the destination when we attempt pins.

I welcome you to come on this magical mystery trip and fall with me and read my blog Mama’s Mind.

Sometimes I am too in my head to actually laugh at what insane thing the kids are up too. Again. Once I finally finish trying to scrub the sharpie off the wall, the fan, the carpet and pour myself another glass of wine open another bottle of wine, I can just sit on the floor with the carpet cleaner and rags and cry and cry until I am laughing my ass off. No seriously, I could never get the magenta sharpie off the white fan. I gave up. Whatever…it looks so pretty now.

Thank you for visiting my messy life. Please pull up a chair and I will get the glasses.