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I remember when school use to start back when I was a kid. It was after Labor Day and it was such an exciting time for me. I loved back to school shopping for fall clothes and School supplies. All new fresh crayons, notebooks, pencils, new book bag, and lunch box.

This year my son starts kindergarten and my daughter starts middle school! Bug has asked me every day for a week if this is the day he starts school. I took him to the calendar and showed him the day school begins for him.

Kindergarten at his school has a staggered start. He goes Thursday but doesn’t return until Monday with everyone else…explain that to a 5 year old. We circled the first day with a red marker and he has been marking off the days until school starts. This has saved me the same explanation everyday!

With Pie starting Middle school we have started the aggravating process of searching for the appropriate dress code clothes. Who would have thought looking for polo shirts and khaki pants would be so exhausting!

What are some ways that you are getting your children ready for school?

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