Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We always look at the New Year as a way to start over with ourselves. A time to make changes that we think will make us happy. However, how many years have we made resolutions to change and end up by the end of the week having broken these promises we made with ourselves? I have been discouraged this year with my own personal heartbreaks and I am not really feeling happy. So when I am not happy I think it is because something in my life needs to change. I start to analyze everything that is not exactly the way I think they should be and look for a way to change it. I want to change the direction of my life in the career aspect. I have always wanted to be a writer. Writing for me has always been a way to let go and release my creativity. In an ironic twist I have been afraid to let people read what I have written because “they may not like it”. I have poured my soul into my writing and what if someone doesn’t like it? I thought I would be crushed. I have decided that it is worth the risk of publishing my writing in order to start the changes in my career that I truly want! So here I am writing. Is it my best work…I don’t know…but I have done it!

So back to New Years…I am not going to make a resolution. After talking to my life coach about my itch to make a change in my life she suggested that I look for a word to keep with me this year. I chose a phrase

~I am Happy because I am Present~

This feels better then the I want to lose weight, I want to eat healthier, I want to… wanting is great but “I Am” is awesome! Dr. Wayne W. Dyer speaks of  this in his book Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering The Art Of Manifesting.* “…what is possible when we use the inherent power that is a part of our very essence—called the I am presence—for the fulfillment of our Divinely aligned wishes.” If we want to see a change in our lives it should start with changing our language. How we see ourselves and how we speak about who we are.

I also want to be more present. I want to be more in the moment and not thinking about what might happen, what could happen and worry. If I am living in the moment and I am being thankful for that moment, I am trusting that everything is going to work out exactly as it should. In doing this it aligns me more with being in the now and that makes me happy. So it is all intertwined that to be happy, I must be happy and I should focus on being in the moment, in the now. Being present in the moment and feeling grateful will get me to the feeling of happiness sooner.

So what word or phrase is going to be yours in 2017?

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Fall Is Here!

I love the smell and feel of a crisp fall day. The leaves begin to turn and fall to the ground and the crunching of the leaves under my feet reminds me how much I love fall! This year I have really been putting forth an effort to decorate for fall.

I went out and bought a grapevine wreath and a really nice fall ribbon and some fall leaves and made a wreath to hang up on my door this year. I also went ahead and bought some ribbon (Hobby Lobby had an awesome 50% off sale) for the holiday season and plan to change my wreath after Thanksgiving. I wrapped the ribbon around the door hanger to make it more festive!

I have also gotten some knickknacks to display around the house and my son went to the pumpkin patch with his class and brought home the cutest pumpkins to display.

What do you do to make the fall season more festive?




With the kids heading back to school this will be a return to a regular schedule that we may have let go during the summer. I know for me it has been bedtime. I didn’t want to go off schedule because I know it is hard to get the kids back on schedule.

Against my better judgment and because my schedule at work was very different from the school year and we could sleep in, I allowed them to stay up some nights later. Of course there were nights that we were out late running around or hanging out with friends and it was to be expected, but there were nights that we were just hanging out on the couch watching TV.

I forgot how the kids going to bed early was for me as much as for them! It is my “ME” time. I can read a book uninterrupted, play a game on the computer, and watch a movie that is rated more than PG, pretty much anything I want without them in my face about it the entire time! I miss my “ME” time! If I can make it an hour past them going to bed. So with school starting back in a week we are starting our regular bedtime now! YEAH ME!

What are you looking forward to most with this new school year?

Back To School

I remember when school use to start back when I was a kid. It was after Labor Day and it was such an exciting time for me. I loved back to school shopping for fall clothes and School supplies. All new fresh crayons, notebooks, pencils, new book bag, and lunch box.

This year my son starts kindergarten and my daughter starts middle school! Bug has asked me every day for a week if this is the day he starts school. I took him to the calendar and showed him the day school begins for him.

Kindergarten at his school has a staggered start. He goes Thursday but doesn’t return until Monday with everyone else…explain that to a 5 year old. We circled the first day with a red marker and he has been marking off the days until school starts. This has saved me the same explanation everyday!

With Pie starting Middle school we have started the aggravating process of searching for the appropriate dress code clothes. Who would have thought looking for polo shirts and khaki pants would be so exhausting!

What are some ways that you are getting your children ready for school?