Cooking With Kids

Looking for a way to spend quality time with your children? Wanting to help them with their math and science skills? Cooking and baking with them is one way to incorporate math and science skills and a great time with your kids. I know that science is not one of my best subjects, however, I love to bake and when you stop and think about it, the ingredients in a recipe combine and create a result much like in chemistry class. Using the scientific method when preparing to cook or bake will help solidify the experience.

The Cooking/Baking Scientific Method:

1. Decide what to make

2. Make a list of needed ingredients and gather them

3. Form a hypothesis of what certain ingredient will do when mixed together and what the food will look, taste, feel like when it is done

4. Read and follow recipe and allow children to read, measure, and combine the ingredients

5. Check on food as it is cooking and remove when the food is ready (This is a good time to discuss kitchen safety)

6. Allow food to cool and set table

7. Serve up the food and start to analyze the data

8. Communicate the results!! ENJOY!!

You can be as dramatic or laid back about your experiment, as you wish.  It would be fun to get aprons and chefs hats or become mad scientists with safety glasses and rubber gloves, I could see myself looking like the Bride of Frankenstein with my hair straightened back and streaked with white!