Quality time with children is much more important than Quantity. I had heard this for years and until I had my own child I did not fully understand what that statement meant. One way to spend quality time together is to work on arts and craft projects together. No experience required!

The craft stores have a lot of prepackaged craft projects that are age appropriate and you are the best judge of your child’s skills. My daughter received a loom set for her 5th birthday and while the package says it is for 5 and up, she was not ready for that type of hand work yet.

When your child is under 5 years old crafts are easy! Just through some supplies on the table and watch what happens. No, it will not be a Rembrandt but it might just be a Picasso! Finger-paints are another fun project. A word of warning, that any parent with kids can tell you, the messier the better. So stick your hands in and get messy too!

As your child gets older, Iron beads (sometimes referred to as Fuse Beads) are awesome! These miraculous beads are placed on a peg board and then after the pattern is completed, an adult uses and iron and the beads melt and fuse together. These can be proudly hung on the refrigerator and used to hang up pictures. (TIP: Use a hot glue gun to stick the magnet to the back of the completed Iron bead!)

Hobbies become important as your child becomes a pre-teen and teen. If you have already established this time with your child it will be a smooth transition into doing a hobby together. This is another way to allow easy communication at a time when children are apt to shut parents out.  Scrap-booking, sewing, knitting, beading, model airplanes and cars, miniatures, and baking and cooking. This is the perfect age to sign up with your child for instructional classes that are offered at local craft stores.

I have listed a few of my go to sites to find craft projects and I hope that you will also post some pics and directions to projects that were a hit with your kids! I can’t wait!

Links to my favorite crafting sites: