With the kids heading back to school this will be a return to a regular schedule that we may have let go during the summer. I know for me it has been bedtime. I didn’t want to go off schedule because I know it is hard to get the kids back on schedule.

Against my better judgment and because my schedule at work was very different from the school year and we could sleep in, I allowed them to stay up some nights later. Of course there were nights that we were out late running around or hanging out with friends and it was to be expected, but there were nights that we were just hanging out on the couch watching TV.

I forgot how the kids going to bed early was for me as much as for them! It is my “ME” time. I can read a book uninterrupted, play a game on the computer, and watch a movie that is rated more than PG, pretty much anything I want without them in my face about it the entire time! I miss my “ME” time! If I can make it an hour past them going to bed. So with school starting back in a week we are starting our regular bedtime now! YEAH ME!

What are you looking forward to most with this new school year?